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The Green Dot Corporation is an American financial technology and bank holding company headquartered in Pasadena, California. It is the world's largest prepaid debit card company by market capitalization. Green Dot is also a payments platform company and is the technology platform used by Apple Pay Cash, Uber, and Intuit. MoneyPak is used to deposit cash to a Green Dot prepaid cards but it can also be used to deposit cash onto third party prepaid or bank debit cards. MoneyPak is available in the same stores GreenDot prepaid is and most stores charge $5.95 for reloading.

Moneypak does not guarantee transferred funds even if confirmed, according to a review at by Myka

"Money transferred to my debit card but not received User's recommendation: Do not use this service !! They sent me an e-mail that funds have been transferred but never came!!!"


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Marco T Montoya says

"Why we have to give a start to this trash company? They make people buy the moneypak that it's not going to work the refund takes too long, and they steal the fee for buying this trash and they alert customer about highly possible frauds with their products.
1st they are the main fraud.
2nd. No customer service, at all.
3rd. Takes too long the refund process, it's 2021 already we ain't sending messages over horses anymore."

Tierra Blackmon says

"*update 12/3/2020 Money pak sent a check that was printed wrong, a week later. I can't cash it anywhere. I went to Walmart and even went to local currency exchange, and even tried depositing it to the bank but it was the label ”Deposit Unpaid” MoneyPak is a fraud! They sent a check that can't be cashed nor deposited! Do not buy it at all!
I purchased a money pak card. I upload all the necessary information. They denied my money back. I tried contacting money pak, but they have nobody you can speak with about resolving the issues. You just listen to a recording. Now, I am stuck waiting 2 weeks for a freaking refund! I will never use money pak ever again. I say purchase with caution. This is ridiculous that I have to wait two weeks for my money!!!! I should have just went to the bank to deposit money!"

Leah Torres says

"I wish I could give them a zero. Bought a money pak card yesterday to load on my bank card since my bank is 10 hours away kept getting an error message saying couldn’t be loaded wait the 20 to 30 minutes waited over an hour then tried again then got a message saying the funds were deposited on my card but the funds never went on my card. Emailed them telling them what happened they basically said oh well not my problem. I am livid I am out the money now."

Aaron Conti says

"My child’s mother Beene stealing my money thru all variety off app for a while now as well as this one gettin direct deposits and transferring money here to either go on money pack cards or In whatever account was linked cuz I have never got a chance to successfully use green dot my
Self and I kinda feel unsafe cuz I get notification when my account get direct deposit or is actively been used but when there Sign in I can sign in I gotta reset password then it’s a race to get back into the account but there method is definitely more effective normally they sign me out of the entire email and upon resigning its displaying the email doesn’t exist I seen in my web browser they use something call reverser mail look up I think that’s how there hiding the email I forced to submit when there down it’s same thing with my green dot account it’s as if it’s brand new some how there about to make logs look empty there gotta be some sort of flaw in there system you can’t miss I deserve to know where my money goin and get it returned/refund there using my social as well"

Don Newman says

"-0 stars!! Moneypak was a good company at one time, about 10 years ago. I'm a truck driver, needed a way for my wife to get money to me, got a green dot card, loaded it several times at Walmart, worked great, then when I needed my wife to send me some money, told her to get me a moneypak so I could load it myself, she got me the moneypak card an sent me the pin number, tried to log into my old moneypak account to load onto my green dot card, wrong password, did the recover password, message says, password reset link not sent to you. I've did this almost every day for the last month an same message everytime. Made an moneypak account for wife, couldn't even log into it right after I made it for her. Sent in the request for a refund today, I'll wait the two weeks then if I don't get my money back I'm going to contact the better business bureau in Pasadena, Ca. And also the California Preacuters office. All this mess for 40.00!! NEVER WILL USE MONEYPAK AGAIN NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTCOME IS!!!!!

Update I got my refund check and it took about a week and a half."

Sandy Weston says

"I Wish there was a zero. I was taken for 400 dollars. I called greendot/moneypak to find out who the criminals were,and they flat out refused to tell me. They furthermore never accepted respinsibility nor had any empathy for me. They did not offer any refund at all!! Buyer beware!!
Just who are they protecting?
They passed me around to 5 different people who gave me the same song and dance!! How they stay in business mistifies me!"

Crystal Simpkins says

"0!! These moafuckas get a 0. I bought a $500 money pack and I took clear and precise photos of my Money pack card and my receipt. They emailed me back the next morning saying they cannot help me because the photos were not legible. So I emailed them back with a note and the same damn photos. I told them that’s it’s VERY CLEAR to the human eyes and I need them to stop the Shenanigans and give me my money. The worst company ever. When I bought the money pack the numbers on the back weren’t legible. So now they’re playing games with me. Sorry ass moafuccas. Ain’t worth a quarter"

George says

"This company is worthy for an episode of american greed. Why isn't the ftc doing something about this? The fraud is committed by green dot itself. Green dot ips the scammer and is the thief. Walmart, cvs and others are too stupid to allow this wanna be corporation to use their platforms and sell their cards. From stolen cash funds loaded to cards to missing consumer balances along with purposefullydesigned dead end customer service phone number, they sure have a good fraud scheme going on."

Danni says

"I would highly recommend you do not purchase a MoneyPak card or have anything to do with MoneyPak they will scam you out of your money and then the customer service will not help you at all it's horrible they did nothing but lie to me and they're going to tell you that they're going to issue a refund which takes two weeks so if you have an important bill to pay I wouldn't advise you to use MoneyPak because it won't get done the service is horrible the customer service is horrible this whole thing is a complete joke"

Steven says

"Absoltely horrible experience. I bought a moneypak Cinco De Mayo and all I got was error error error and no customer service. Im bitter I just got my refund that was short the fee today. Avoid this company like the plague they programmed their phones to never get a human and when you finally get a check refund they stilll take the fee. Are you fricking kidding me. ( I dont wanna swear). This company is broken and every staff member went on a Covid-19 Vacation. Moneypak should be pulled off the shelves its worse then a banking system of a third world country. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and even at times over the first few days and 20 something hours of trying to deal with it I began to think I was broken. But F this company I hope some class action lawyer wants to take the case because this company sucks b_lls. F__You Green Dot I will continue to waste my time bad mouthing your company. This whole process has made me infuriated I will never give your dirtbag company another cent and I hope to take as much revenue from your company as I can. I'm not gonna make threats but your company has made me so angry I still want to get revenge. I'm the nicest person too what the hell GreenDot this is like the first time in my 35 years of ever getting this angry."

Gokhan Simsek says

"I can't load the money and I can't request a refund because their website doesn't let me. There is no way contacting a real person. MoneyPak is a fraud."

Scarlet Weaver says

"This company encourages fraud.
I lost $800 and the response from customer service over a week later simply said "Sorry for the delayed response. It's been a while since you contacted us. If you still require email assistance, please respond to this message and let us know how we can help".
This is my worst experience with a company ever. I will never use their cards again and discourage anyone else from using them."

Nicole Francis says

"Money pak is legit but moneypak@tech-center is a scam do not send any information regarding your money pak to this company. I just recently found out they were fraudulent while trying to get assistance on expediting my refund process with greendot and came across the email on a site such as this. I realized it was a scam when I emailed them and every time I received an email response it would have a different generic name at the end of the message. Then I was called out of my name and disrespected. Thank god the refund process was already initiated before I reached out to this fraudulent email account. DO NOT EMAIL moneypak@tech-center"

Thomas says

"This company is a complete fraud. Had a $100 Moneypak. Site said I failed verification process. No live people to talk to. Finally reached customer service at GreenDotMoneypak@tech-center . com. They mailed me a refund check. Took three weeks. Will never use their service again!"

dorka montilla says

"This is the biggest scams company ever.. I got a f.. moneypak from Walgreens when signed in on line it said that it's already used and nobody scratched it was just me.. I contacted on line for a complaining and this scams said that i won't have a refund"

Natalie Monroe says

"I didn't even want to give it 1 star!!!! The worst company ever. I bought a moneypak card at Walgreens yesterday and when I scratched the back off to retrieve the 14 digit numbers so I can load my GreenDot card there was only 10 numbers and it was missing 4 numbers. And of course the store isn't going to give you a refund even though it wasn't my fault for the defective card that the store sold, so I had to submit a claim online. This company has the worst customer service and no available representative to speak to and now I have to wait almost 14 days or more for a refund. I think all of this is ridiculous it's a big scam and fraud... I will never use green dot again 👎👎👎👎"

Kirstie Ruby says

"I will never get a moneypak again!!! Has no customer service I have called multiple times get put on hold for 3 hours waist of my time even sent emails no reply back. I can't even make a account to transfer my money to my green Dot card. Then when I get hold of someone they tell me I can't use moneypak can't even explain on why I can't use moneypak! They told me just get a refund SMH that's why I went to purchase a moneypak so I can use the card! Crazy to because they have my social number now and my phone number where they send you verification number. So now they going to tell me I can't use moneypak but yet they took all my information something not right here!!! And yes I used the web on back of the card!!!"

Vickie Klein says

"I bought a green dot prepay credit card visa. I put 150.00 cash on it then I tried to use it so I had to stop what I was doing and register the card not so bad but then it would not work at all. So I call the company and got nothing but the run around. After 2 months 1/2 dozen email and hours of my time it finally cleared my money. I didn't get back any interest on my money but they got there money."

Really Reddy says

"I can't load the money off the money pak card. It says it takes about two weeks to get a refund and they don't give you the fee you paid for the money pak card back. There's also no real customer service. I still haven't gotten my money back."

John says

"Cannot reach customer support.
the refill cards often have problems and need a refund"

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